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Evgenija Donovska - Eva
Psychotherapy, Counselling & Coaching 

Short term, long term and goal-focused


I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist qualified and working in the area of Godalming and Haslemere in Surrey. I work with adults and young people age 12 and over.


As a therapist I strive to create an open, compassionate, warm and non-judgmental space for all. In this space I offer support in challenging situations as well as exploration and making sense of your difficulties. Through working together we will discover new ways of dealing with what life brings and move beyond ways that aren’t satisfying.


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Here are some of the things that my clients bring to me.
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Space for your feelings


Psychotherapy and Counselling help by providing a safe space to explore your thoughts, relationships, feelings and dilemmas. A space where you are supported to work through emotional difficulties. A space where you will feel heard and understood.

As a therapist, I aspire to create this space by being present, welcoming compassionate, warm and accepting.

A space for self-discovery

We can also use psychotherapy and counselling as a space for personal discovery and growth. Getting to know our essence, ourselves. Rediscovering our excitement and passions. I can work with movement, enactment, experiment and embodiment to assist this.

Although we can be hurt in relationships, healing relationships can also help us to grow . The therapeutic relationship helps you to explore trust, patterns of relating, differences, power dynamics, closeness, loneliness and connection.

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