I have tried to structure sessions for most clients' needs below - but please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

I operate a sliding scale for clients who need therapy who are in receipt of benefits.

How it works

  • Each session lasts 50 minutes. The fee will be reviewed annually.

  • I need 48 hours’ notice of a cancelled session so I can try to find another time within the same week that is convenient to both of us; however, if this is not possible, then the fee will be charged and you will lose your session.

  • If I need to hire a room in order to see you at your convenience, I will have to increase the fee by £20 

  • I need a month’s notice for holidays  

  • I might keep short written notes on sessions. They are not identified by name and they are stored securely.

  • I abide by the code of ethics of UKCP

  • The sessions are completely confidential except under the following circumstances:

a) From time to time I will discuss my work with a clinical supervisor. This is standard practice and helps me to work as well as I can with you. My supervisor is bound by the same code of ethics and confidentiality as myself. Clients are not identified by name. Supervisors are not local.

b) If I believe you are at risk of harming yourself or others, I reserve the right to break confidentiality in order to prevent harm. However, I would only do this in extreme circumstances and would always try to discuss it with you first before taking any action.

  • Where our work extends beyond eight weeks, we will check in every six weeks to review progress and ensure we are addressing objectives which are useful to you.

  • I recommend that we have at least three weeks’ notice of ending to allow us a proper conclusion.