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About me

Thank you for visiting my site.


My interest in Psychotherapy and Counselling started in secondary school when studying Psychology enabled me to make meaning of some of my life experiences. This lead to in-depth training in Psychotherapy and Counselling. 


As therapist I offer a nurturing and exploratory space where together we can look at your experiences. 


I am MBACP registered counsellor and psychotherapist with 9 years post qualifying working experience. 


I am in continuous training, work under clinical supervision and follow the research into the efficacy of methods of therapy. I am a member of BACP and follow their regulations and code of ethics. 


I have experience in working with individuals experiencing anxiety, stress and disregulation,  depression and overwhelm, low self confidence and body image, trauma and abuse, intimacy difficulties, bereavement and loss, Addictions etc 

My therapeutic approach

My core training is Humanistic and Gestalt. However I incorporate a variety of other styles depending on the individual needs of the people I work with. This includes mindfulness and somatic approaches, EMDR, Attachment and Trauma informed treatment.


I have additional training on attachment, sexuality, trauma, abuse in relationships, embodied and creative approaches to therapy, birth and beyond, working with young people, etc 


I strongly believe that we can also use psychotherapy and counselling as a space for personal discovery and growth - finding ourselves and what we are passionate about. 


I believe that we can be hurt in relationships but we can also grow through healing relationships. Through the therapeutic relationship, we can explore trust, patterns of relating, power dynamic, closeness and disconnections, loneliness and connection.

The initial session

I strive to create a welcoming and validating first encounter. In your first session you will have an opportunity to get to know me and get a sense of my way of working. I will also have an opportunity to get to know you and hear what you need to explore. 

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Yoga and anxiety

Yoga is an embodied practice which I find works exceptionally well to reduce anxiety and ground our thoughts and feelings - and connects closely to both Gestalt and EMDR.

I offer clients the opportunity to introduce elements of yoga practice unobtrusively into their therapy - and equally offer dedicated sessions for Yoga and anxiety.

Counselling and Psychotherapy with young people 

Training and Certification

My main area of focus with the younger population is working towards the ability to self-reflect and resilience. I work with overwhelm and disregulation, mood swings, identity questions, peer pressure, anxiety and stress. low mood, trauma, self consciousness and shyness, low self esteem, phobias and other stress related difficulties. 


I try to create a welcoming and friendly space in which the young person and I can build rapport and work together. 


My aim is for the young person to feel supported and empowered.  I adjust my approach to the inclinations of the young person and we can use talking or creative approaches as needed. 


I accept self referrals of young people age 16 and over.  When the young person is age 12-15 I will start by taking a referral from the parent. 

  • BACP Registered

  • Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

  • Postgraduate diploma in Gestalt psychotherapy studies, 2019

  • EMDR Levels One and Two

  • Parent and Infant CPD

  • Wait Watch and Wonder Approach to Working with Parents and Infants

  • Birth and Beyond Coaching

  • CPCAB Counselling Young People

  • Psychodrama Therapy Diploma

  • Psychology Studies

  • Yoga Therapy for PTSD

  • Volunteer Counsellor with Portsmouth ARCS

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